NoteWorthy Composer exporter for Lilypond  (by Mike Wiering)

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The purpose of this project is to create a Lilypond exporter for NoteWorthy Composer.

NoteWorthy Composer is a great music notation program for Windows that enables you to create a piece of music in almost no time. Unfortunately, the printing options are rather limited and it's not easy to make a print look pretty or to get your score to fit nicely on a page.

Lilypond is a music typesetter, it formats music beautifully. But to use Lilypond, you need to create source files, and that can be quite a lot of work.

This project enables you to use NoteWorthy composer to easily enter music and then use Lilypond to print it beautifully. It requires NoteWorthy Composer 2, in which you can add "User Tools".

You can export your music staff by staff, or you can export a small selection. Download and install the tool and simply press Alt+F8 to export the staff or selection. NoteWorthy Composer will display the Lilypond output, which you can copy and paste into a .ly file. You will still probably need to edit several things, but it is a lot less work than entering the .ly file from scratch.


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